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Our Property Management Service vs
A Traditional Plymouth Letting Agent


We are proud to offer a new style of property management to Plymouth landlords and letting agents.

Basically, we become your tenant and lease the property from you for 2 or more years. If it’s required, we can fix the property up so it meets the standards of our clients which in most cases are young working professional individuals, that have already approached us specifically to rent rooms from us on an individual AST basis.

The best part for you is…we take care of the whole process. As its actually us that are your tenants, it means you just deal with us and no one else.
There are variables that have to be looked at when renting a property. Hidden costs and additional fees can impact your monthly profit margins, so these need to be addressed.

When you rent your property to us, we provide you with guaranteed rents that are paid in full EVERY month for the entire duration of our tenancy.  This can be as soon as any refurbishing is completed or from the day we sign the lease.

Landlords that Work with Us

Many landlords use our service and we have found that they don’t end up leaving us for another company.  In fact, most landlords actually look to extend their contracts with us because we work to maintain high standards and offer a hassle free, set and forget service!

We’re proud to be quite different from other property management companies and high street letting agents in Plymouth. None of these agents would refurbish your property for you, hire a gardener or clean the house as a standard service at no additional cost to you.

We ensure that we look after your property so it stays in the best condition possible and we’re able to do all of this because we are an online property management company based in Plymouth, which means we don’t have the usual overheads that many other brick and mortar letting agents have so you benefit from the savings.

Our Tenants

We own property ourselves in Plymouth and have been both landlords and property managers since 1998, so we understand the need to select only the best tenants for the property.

Our tenants are typically young professionals and these individuals go through a background check before they move into the property.

We are responsible individuals and will deal with any damage, misbehaviour or instances of lost rent. We ensure that we look after all issues with tenants so there’s no voids.

According to a report from, many UK properties experience an average void period of approximately six weeks per year.  So if you’re a HMO landlord renting rooms individually you can see how voids can destroy your bottom line.

With us, you don’t have to worry about voids ever.  We are your tenants and ensure your rent is paid in full every month guaranteed for the entire duration of our tenancy.

Is All This Really True?
Some landlords and letting agents initially may hesitate to work with us. They don’t see how we could make any money.  However, due to our unique client acquisition process, exclusive links to international post graduate schemes and low admin fees we are able to offer our clients a unique service.

The service that we offer to landlords and letting agents is also unique, but really straight forward:

  1. we offer you a reduced rate in exchange for all the guarantees and benefits we provide you
  2. You rental income will actually increase once you take our service, as demonstrated in the chart at the top of this page
  3. We take on all risks and management duties at no additional cost to you
  4. We get higher rents because we offer a higher end service to our clients
  5. We get the rents, pay all the utilities and ensure your rent is paid in full
  6. Our profit is the difference from what we collect and what we pay you, SIMPLE

Speedy Property Lets - Rooms For Rent Plymouth

The Guarantee We Offer To You

  • Even if the property is empty, you’ll get paid
  • On the same day each month, you get your funds
  • We don’t charge commission or fees to you
  • There’s no “unforeseen,” “sneaky,” or other hidden type of fees charged to you or deducted from your rents
  • Our professionals will look after your property and take very good care of it
  • You will have a stress free and a REAL passive income working with us

Gas Safety
We organise the gas safety certification for you and meet the engineer at the property. We will send one copy of the certificate to you and keep a copy for our records.

The testing of the gas is a legal requirement which ensures that all the gas appliances at the property meet safety requirements. This has to be renewed on an annual basis and there are strict penalties if you don’t have a valid certificate.

Understanding Legislation 
We take care of the legal obligations to ensure you’re in compliance with the current legislation. We make sure that all paperwork and forms are up-to-date. This includes the fire furniture regulations, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and PAT certifications.

Handling Deposits
Instead of paying you a cash deposit we offer you a deposit warranty that’s equivalent to 6+ weeks rent.

Any deposits we take from our clients are secured in a government backed deposit protection scheme. We currently use  We use this money to help ensure your property is maintained to a high standard and make any repairs required due tenant damage.

Handling Insurance 
The building insurance is your responsibility as the owner of the property which includes the contents of the property. In most cases residential insurance isn’t enough and you’ll need a specialist HMO policy or a buy to let policy. We advise our customers to make sure they have their own contents insurance for the property.

Your Identification
We need a proof of property ownership as well as a 2 forms of identification from you prior to taking control of your property to ensure you’re the actual owner of the property.

Property Inventory
You may want to get a property inventory from an independent company before we take control of your property. We can also arrange this if you want to go that route.

Property Inspections
If you give us 48hrs notice, you can inspect the property at any time you wish. We carry out our own inspections on a regular basis (at no additional cost to you, unlike other property management agencies) and deal with issues as they arise. We maintain good working relationships with our clients and deal with their problems quickly and professionally.

Legal Matters
A “consent to let,” is required if you don’t have a buy to let mortgage on the property already.

You need the right mortgage product if we agree to multi-let your property.  A warranty will need to be signed in our contract to confirm you have the correct mortgage and insurance products in place.

During the contract, there needs to be allowances made for the property standards when the tenancy starts and for regular wear and tear that will occur over the duration of the tenancy.

Dealing with Complaints
As proud members of the government ‘Property Redress Scheme’ we make sure we maintain a high level of customer service at all times for our customers. If you’re not happy with any aspect of our services, we will work to resolve your compliant professionally and efficiently.

Property Maintenance
We manage the maintenance jobs on the property whether these are large or small projects. We ensure that we have your permission before we carry out any work and keep in contact with you during the entire process. You receive the full invoice for tax purposes. If you want, you can use your own workers to complete the job.

Agreement Termination 
If you choose to decide to terminate the agreement you have with us, we need six months’ notice. This is because a tenant may have been signed on a six month AST and we want to return your property to you with a vacant possession.

Court Process
In the very unlikely event we need to remove a tenant through the courts for any reason, we take are of this for you. We update you if you request this. This proceeding doesn’t impact your monthly payments.

Speedy Property Lets - Rooms For Rent Plymouth

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